Thanks for visiting this site. My name is Ravi Sagar, I started working on Jira and other Atlassian products in 2008 as part of my job where I was given the responsibility of installing a new tool called Jira and Confluence in the country for a specific BU. I used to work on MS Project Server and Excel sheets a lot and working on Jira just like any other new tool in the beginning was not the best experience but soon I realised how easily Jira can be customised so that teams are not bound by the features of the tool and they can make Jira work for them and the ability to have these customisations per project was something I really liked.

Over the years I continued working on Jira and after starting my company Sparxsys I continued using it for myself, although my company used to provide Drupal development services but I realised there was a huge market of consultation around Atlassian tools because many company were using Jira as it was light weight and easy to use but at the same time they wanted to implement it properly.

Understanding this gap in the market I started provide Atlassian consultation services as well and it was probably one of the best decision I made so far. I loved working on the tool and also helping other use it. I cannot explain how wonderful it was for me to work with companies all over India, small, big and enterprises. I used to visit their offices spend time with teams learning how they work and how they use or want to use the tools.

Implementing tools like Jira is not just about installing them. It is all about the big picture and making sure the tools are implemented to help the teams achieve their goals.

I have been writing on my blog ravisagar.in for a long time now about Drupal, Jira and my experiences in general. In 2014 I decided to write a book to consolidate my experiences of working on Jira with different companies. Since then I have written more books and also made video courses to share my learnings with everyone. My objective is to keep it simple and help anyone who wants to use Jira in their company to get started quickly and gradually make their way to become an expert.

On this site you will find the list of all those books and videos courses that I have been writing so far. The name of the domain is jira.training but you may find stuff related to other Atlassian tools.

I hope you like the books.